PressPause p.s.46.10 is a pilot model of ministry of Stonecroft Ministry based in Kansas City, Mo.
(Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God.")

PressPause p.s. 46.10 exists to invite people that are gathered at their work place, gym, school, park, etc. to STOP and consider the person of Jesus Christ.

PressPause p.s.46.10 organizes events that are free to those attending so that they might be encouraged and transformed by hearing the true tale of a professional Stonecroft storyteller.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Little Lighthouse, Tulsa OK

September 21, 2010

The moms started streaming in about 11:15 and Tulsa OK PressPause  Stonecroft Pilot Model of Ministry was READY!  Ready with homemade chicken casseroles and the trimmings.  They came in pairs and they came alone.  They did not know each other when they arrived but obviously made friends with their table mates during the luncheon.  The setting was lovely, the dining room and kitchen of the Little Lighthouse, the Tulsa school for disabled children ages 0-6, was full of activity. Five PressPause volunteers donned aprons and got to work.

While their severely handicapped children were in their very specialized classes learning to smile, to talk, to hug, to walk...these moms had a few minutes with grown-ups...grown-ups that shared that very difficult heartache.

38 plates of food were served, 33 of those attending were "first time" guests of a Stonecroft event.  Pam Whitley, Stonecroft speaker from Owasso, OK, told her story of her beautiful daughter Jan, who was declared severely brain damaged and who lived to be an adult and of the untimely death of her husband with cancer.  Pam smilingly shared of the peace and comfort she discovered during Jan's life and Mike's death, peace that could only come from God.

The gospel was presented and 15 copies of the gospel of John were picked up. There were a few tears, but many more smiles. Several ladies came to me personally to thank PressPause for coming, that they felt that this day, this speaker, this outpouring of love was meant for them alone.  One mom stated, "today I have a mentor in Pam Whitley."

Little Lighthouse Pres/CEO Marcia Mitchell wants us to come back quarterly, for other moms that need to hear the gospel story and get encouragement from a Stonecroft storyteller.  Marcia's words, "this was wildly successful."

Teachers and volunteers streamed in AFTER the luncheon to be surprised with offers of leftovers.  All were very thankful for the mid-day treat.  They are such gifted compassionate folks that work miracles for those precious children.

It was a privilege to serve those beautiful people today. The five of us that served are deeply, deeply humbled and grateful  for the opportunity.  One remarked, "there is no place I'd rather be today than right here."

I'm processing the day, the words I heard and the faces of those women.