PressPause p.s.46.10 is a pilot model of ministry of Stonecroft Ministry based in Kansas City, Mo.
(Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God.")

PressPause p.s. 46.10 exists to invite people that are gathered at their work place, gym, school, park, etc. to STOP and consider the person of Jesus Christ.

PressPause p.s.46.10 organizes events that are free to those attending so that they might be encouraged and transformed by hearing the true tale of a professional Stonecroft storyteller.

Friday, May 11, 2012

PressPause Returns to the Little Lighthouse

Sharon Braner, Janet Renfro, Carolyn Reiger,
Patty Clay and Laura Francis
On May 10, 2012 PressPause returned to the Little Lighthouse of Tulsa, OK.  to serve dinner to the parents of the graduating class.

The Little Lighthouse has been serving children with special needs from birth to age six since 1972. Upon graduation these children move into the public school system, private schools or are home schooled. Leaving the security and expertise of the Little Lighthouse can be a traumatic transitional time.

Twenty seven parents (thirteen daddies) all new to Stonecroft, attended.  Seven staff members encouraged the parents as five PressPause volunteers cooked and served. 

 Marty Hight of Tulsa gave the group tips on how to become an effective advocate for the children in the next phase of their education.  Her delightful humor and personal family stories were encouraging.  Marty shared how her strong faith in God gave her strength and joy in rearing her now 12 year old special needs child, Avery.  Full of confidence and sporting a big smile, Avery joined her mom as she spoke.

Marcia Mitchell, founder and CEO of the school welcomed the group and encouraged them to stay close to the faculty and staff who dearly love each child.  Her strong faith is the foundation of the school as it welcomes people of all faiths or no faith into the state-of-the art facility.  The Little Lighthouse is a Tulsa treasure that is changing  lives locally and has become an international resource as delegations from other countries visit the school.

Eighteen copies of the Gospel of John were picked up by the parents.
The volunteers of PressPause consider it a privilege to serve the parents and staff of this remarkable place.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Sharon Braner & Ellen Langland

May 3, 2012, National Day of Prayer, was the day and Tulsa First Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK was the setting.  The ladies of First Baptist invited PressPause Chair Sharon Braner to be the speaker for their spring luncheon.  Sharon shared her Stonecroft talk "What is Your Life Singing Today?"  Lots of laughter and musical memories were shared and Jesus was presented as the only ONE that can change our hearts, attitudes, emotions and life.
A former Stonecroft Village Missionary attended along with approximately 50 ladies that have never been involved with any Stonecroft Christian Women's Club.  New friendships were formed and plans to work together in the future were discussed.
The ladies agreed to sing the "song of redemtion" when they left the meeting, praying that when others look at them they would see Jesus first.