PressPause p.s.46.10 is a pilot model of ministry of Stonecroft Ministry based in Kansas City, Mo.
(Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God.")

PressPause p.s. 46.10 exists to invite people that are gathered at their work place, gym, school, park, etc. to STOP and consider the person of Jesus Christ.

PressPause p.s.46.10 organizes events that are free to those attending so that they might be encouraged and transformed by hearing the true tale of a professional Stonecroft storyteller.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PressPause P.S.46.10 Goes to TOWN VILLAGE

Robyn Thompson, Activities Director
& Stonecroft Speaker Sharon Braner

Michelle Miller, Chair of Stonecroft Tulsa #1 Women's Connection invited PressPause to Town Village, a local Retirement Community located in Tulsa, OK.   Michelle has served as a friend and counselor  there for the past eight years and is presently leading a Bible Study with the support of the Activities Director.   The gathering was scheduled for Monday afternoon, January 17, 2011.

The meeting room was filled with residents, friends, and staff of this delightful Community. Several residents arrived in their electric scooters.  Thirty-four folks attended with twenty-nine counted as participating in their first ever Stonecroft Outreach Meeting.  Sharon Braner, chair of PressPause and Stonecroft speaker helped each guest realize their present attitude by identifying anger, joy, generosity, fear,  loneliness, etc,  through the concept of a signature song.  She offered suggestions with famous and funny song titles from Country Music Best's Outrageous Tunes. She told her own life's story of overcoming self-centeredness and self-pity through the gospel of Jesus Christ. HE changed her life's song from "Gloom, Despair and Agony are Me" to  "Great is They Faithfulness."

After much laughter and a few silent tears many found themselves acknowledging their need of a "new attitude" which can only be accomplished through a new life of forgiveness and joy.

Nine copies of the gospel of John were picked up at the end of the meeting.  One "young at heart" gentleman was seen riding his scooter home to his apartment while singing in a loud voice "When the Saints Go Marching In." Another  elderly guest proclaimed that her new song for the day would be "Thanks for the Memory."

 After hugs and a promise to return the volunteers of PressPause agreed that they were the ones that had been blessed by spending time with these beautiful folks.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

PressPause p.s.46.10 at The Refinery

This past weekend Tulsa OK PressPause p.s.46.10 branched out with a new venue, new audience and new Stonecroft speaker.  Saturday night Jan. 15, 2011,"The Refinery" of Tulsa  opened their doors for PressPause.  The Refinery is the "happening place"  for clothing for the under 30 crowd with a Christian Bookstore nook in the back of the store.

A local Christian band warmed hearts as the young people and a few parents arrived for the "no entry fee" gathering.

Andy Braner, author, international speaker and President of Camp Kivu of Durango, CO was the Stonecroft approved speaker for the evening.

The teenage audience consisted  of 6 girls, 9 guys, a few parents, the band,  and store employees, a total of 22 first time guests at this  Stonecroft Outreach Meeting.  Andy spoke of the state of the teenage nation and answered questions about issues teenagers face today as all enjoyed free coffee and soft drinks. The gospel was presented and following the event 10 young people joined Andy at a local coffee shop for an extended Q & A session.   It was a warm spot on a cold night to pause and consider the person of Jesus Christ.