PressPause p.s.46.10 is a pilot model of ministry of Stonecroft Ministry based in Kansas City, Mo.
(Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God.")

PressPause p.s. 46.10 exists to invite people that are gathered at their work place, gym, school, park, etc. to STOP and consider the person of Jesus Christ.

PressPause p.s.46.10 organizes events that are free to those attending so that they might be encouraged and transformed by hearing the true tale of a professional Stonecroft storyteller.

Friday, December 6, 2013


What is a Christmas Party without cookies???  That was the dilemma for the staff of The Little Lighthouse of Tulsa this past week.  Budget restrictions stated that NO treats would be available for the party, bringing together all parents, friends and children of that fabulous school for special needs children.

PressPause volunteer Laura Francis was made aware of the need as she volunteered at the Little Lighthouse recently.  The teachers were in the midst of deciding how to make a Christmas Party happen with only colored paper decorations. 

After prayer and discussion it was decided PressPause would try to fill the void so parents of all faiths and no faiths could come together for support and to celebrate the birth of Jesus. PressPause Chair, Sharon Braner sent out an e-mail to the women of Broken Arrow Christian Women's Club and the Tulsa Stonecroft leadership team letting them  know of the plans and the need.

Meanwhile, Laura and her young granddaughter spent 3 days baking and decorating cookies to donate. (50 dozen)

20 women from 3 traditional Stonecorft Christian Women's Clubs in the area responded to the e-mail and a date was set to deliver them.

The cookies started streaming in and we loaded up Laura's trunk to take to the very surprised staff of the Little Lighthouse.

Joyfully they received over 100 dozen cookies for their gathering. NOW, parents could invite friends and neighbors to  come to the party as well. No doubt Jesus will be celebrated, discussed and praised!

As we were delivering I overheard the comment, "Who are these women that would do this?"
The answer came from another LLH staff member, "Its the PressPause ladies!!! Again!!"

It truly is more blessed to give than receive!  The Stonecroft ladies have done it again and will know the results of their efforts when we all get to heaven!!


Sunday, October 13, 2013


Stonecroft Volunteer Kris Driscoll invited Stonecroft Speaker Sharon Braner to Belton, MO. October 13, 2013 to South Haven Baptist Church.

The combined adult Sunday School Classes wanted to hear more about the subject of Human Trafficking as they investigate ways they can personally be involved in combating this 32 Billion dollar a year crime that is spreading across the land. (Most all those attending had never been to a Stonecroft event.)

PressPause Chair Sharon Braner presented an hour long PowerPoint presentation covering the statistics and stories of the horrific subject.
A list of "Ten Things I Can Do Now" was distributed to the group of 75.

Statistics and stories were shared and a question and answer session revealed the commitment of the group to take the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the dark world of modern day slavery.

Prayer, volunteering at a local shelter, lobbying lawmakers, and organizing a "Freedom from the Addiction to Pornography" were all discussed and follow-up plans were made.

The gospel was presented and Jesus was praised as the only way to be free from physical bondage as well as the bondage of sin all mankind shares.  The group prayed that God would make a way of escape for those presently held, healing and rehabilitation for the rescued and that all of us would be aware and willing to notify authorities when suspicious behavior is revealed to us.

The church is engaged, seeking God's power to help men, women and children of our communities that are suffering.

Friday, October 11, 2013


Emileigh Vasquez, Sharon Braner, Laura Francis
October 8, 2013, PressPause Chair Sharon Braner and Financial Coordinator Laura Francis partnered with Holly Tumpkin and her Girls 101 After School Program.  Holly and her volunteers developed the program for 5th and 6th grade girls for selected Tulsa, OK area public schools and host it several times a year.

The fun sessions are designed to help girls at risk understand their value, develop healthy friendships, foster good relationships, inspire them to dream of a successful future and set goals.  Each session reaches 12-15 girls and sometimes their teachers participate as well.

Holly's dedicated volunteers listen to the stories of their lives, encourage, add guidance and exhibit the love of Jesus, as well as later being dedicated to praying for all the girls they meet through Girls 101. (PressPause provided the girls with a free dinner.)

It's a delightful multigenerational effort that brings a needed positive influence into the lives of young girls.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Marcia Mitchell, Founder
Catherine Zollar, Stonecroft speaker,
Laura Francis, volunteer
Julie Harrelson, teacher
Today, July 19th, 2013, PressPause of Tulsa returned to the Little Lighthouse to celebrate with the teachers/staff/therapists/administration the end of their school year.

Chairman, Sharon Braner, Financial Coordinator Laura Francis and faithful volunteer, Patty Clay provided a free meal, a Stonecroft speaker (Catherine Zollar) lots of hugs, cheers and applause.

40 folks attended, 34 first timers for the Stonecroft Outreach Event. Gifts were awarded the teachers, interns were acknowledged and thanked, and a parent prepared video of the students and teachers past year was enjoyed.

Catherine Zollar presented her story of loss and redemption that brought laughter, tears and finally a standing ovation. The ladies loved her! A few sought her out for prayer at the close of the meeting as they realized their special connection to her story. The gospel was clearly presented through Catherines tale of grief, answered prayer and the hope she has in Jesus Christ.

It is a joy and privilege to serve the folks at the Little Lighthouse.

It truly is "more blessed to give than to receive."

Friday, May 3, 2013


L-R: Speaker: Marty Hight, Sharon Braner
Rebecca Zehner, LaDawna Sanco, Laura
Francis, Carolyn Reiger, Patty Clay.
The parents of the Class of 2013 enjoyed the Little LightHouse Parent Dinner, May 2, 2013. Nineteen graduates of the very special school for children with disabilities will leave their beloved Tulsa school and next fall be mainstreamed into the public school system or be home schooled. 

Former LLH Alumni Parent, and Stonecroft approved speaker, Marty Hight shared stories of her daughter, Avery, who was not expected to survive at birth yet is now a thriving delightful thirteen year old. Marty encouraged the audience to become advocates for their child and to trust God's perfect plan for each one. Because Avery graduated from the LLH a few years ago, all the parents could relate to Marty's delightful laughter and tears.

PressPause volunteers served the free home-cooked dinner to thirty-eight moms, dads, teachers, and staff. Janet Renfro and Cheryl Brown also helped provide casseroles and desserts. At least thirty attendees were first time guests to any Stonecroft event. 

As the evening closed, nine people picked up the Stonecroft booklet, "A New Beginning."  Eight copies of the gospel of John were picked up by the parents also.

PressPause is honored to serve the folks at the Little Light House of Tulsa  by inviting them to "pause" and reflect upon the person and work of Jesus.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

PressPause Presents Human Trafficking Topic to Ladies Networking Group

PressPause was invited to the Bartlesville OK Women's Networking group April 18, 2013. The secular networking group consists of women in the community interested in educating and promoting issues concerning women that are current topics in our national debate. Previous speakers for this group presented arguments on the Equal Rights Amendment,  Evolution, Food Labeling, Women's Reproductive Rights, etc. This group is very active and their meetings are open to the public.

The topic last night was Human Trafficking.

PressPause Chair Sharon Braner and Financial Coordinator Laura Francis met with the leadership of the group for dinner before the meeting and then visited with the 20 folks gathered at the Bartlesville Public Library for the presentation. The 40 minute PowerPoint Human Trafficking presentation raised awareness and sparked discussion in the group. Information was given as how to be involved in fighting this crime, how to address pornography in our churches, and how to warn young boys and girls of danger. One woman shared the story of her 15 yr. old stepdaughter that went missing years ago and was never heard from again.  Two high school senior girls shared their desire to join the movement to combat Human Trafficking and their educational goals to pursue degrees in this area.
Another woman left making plans to organize a "pornography" seminar at her church.

The meeting was promoted in the local newspapers and several attended because of their interest in the topic.

The bondage of sin experienced by all mankind was compared with the bondage of being held by force, fraud and coercion. The group was encouraged to take the message of freedom offered by God into their communities.  Four Stonecroft "A Gift for You" booklets defining salvation and life with Christ were voluntarily picked up and taken home.

PressPause exists to take Stonecroft Speakers into the marketplace. We are thankful for the opportunity to speak to folks that would normally not attend the traditional Stonecroft events.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


TREES!  Felt trees with lots of buttons, leaves and fruit.

It might seem like a toy, but it is a critical tool used at the Little Lighthouse of Tulsa, OK,  the internationally famous school for children with severe disabilities. Children ages 0-6 attend the school at no cost to their families. Parents of all the major religions, and sometimes no religion, wait patiently for their child to be accepted as space allows.

PressPause Financial Coordinator, Laura Francis, was made aware of this expensive item and took it upon herself to provide trees for the children of the Little Lighthouse that struggle to see, breathe, and walk.  Helping them learn to "button up" is a huge step in their progress.  Laura purchased all the necessary parts and spent hours learning to make buttonholes on her new sewing machine. 106 butttonholes and 54 buttons later NINE trees were complete.

The trees will be delivered this week to a very appreciative and surprised therapist, at no cost to the school. Rather than having to share ONE tree with so many kiddos, the teachers now have TEN.

PressPause enjoys celebrating with the staff and parents as the children that were given no hope of a productive life learn to "button up."

Sometimes the love of Christ is delivered in unusual ways! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013


PressPause has been BUSY serving!

After hosting several events taking Stonecroft speakers into Tulsa businesses these past couple of years, we found ourselves right in the middle of SERVICE.

The Little Lighthouse, a school for severely disabled children, ages 0-6, has been the focus of our efforts.  The school enrolls 60 children per year, without charge to their parents. The waiting list for future students is long. Families that come to the school are of all faiths and denominations, some no church involvement at all. ALL are extremely grateful for the miracles that occur in that fabulous place.  Tiny bodies wracked with all kinds of ailments improve dramatically.

Funding is provided by school  fundraisers and generous donations. There are no government grants or subsidies.

Laura Francis, PressPause financial coordinator, led this effort by volunteering in a classroom for 3 yr olds for the past 3 years.  PressPause has made bibs for the children, paint shirts, craft trays, curtains for the classroom, provided toddler books in Spanish and Laura often cleans the room so the teachers can attend meetings. 

She has provided "kitchen utensils" for the class, aprons for the teachers and helped them cook every Wednesday.  Our most recent addition to the classroom is a hand-made and designed vest with pockets on the front and back that hold heavy bean bags.  Slipped on a struggling, wiggly child, it brings calm and peace to his little spirit. We will be providing more of these very effective vests soon.

Everything has been donated and we work from a "wish" list given to us by the teachers and therapists.

The friendships developed with the staff and the children are rewarding for all involved. We have recently been invited to host their "graduation" dinner for the parents of the 6 yr olds that will soon be mainstreamed into the public schools. PressPause volunteers will provide and serve a delicious meal while parents hear a speaker tell of Jesus and His love for them and their child.

Stonecroft Serves at the Little Lighthouse!