PressPause p.s.46.10 is a pilot model of ministry of Stonecroft Ministry based in Kansas City, Mo.
(Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God.")

PressPause p.s. 46.10 exists to invite people that are gathered at their work place, gym, school, park, etc. to STOP and consider the person of Jesus Christ.

PressPause p.s.46.10 organizes events that are free to those attending so that they might be encouraged and transformed by hearing the true tale of a professional Stonecroft storyteller.

Friday, April 19, 2013

PressPause Presents Human Trafficking Topic to Ladies Networking Group

PressPause was invited to the Bartlesville OK Women's Networking group April 18, 2013. The secular networking group consists of women in the community interested in educating and promoting issues concerning women that are current topics in our national debate. Previous speakers for this group presented arguments on the Equal Rights Amendment,  Evolution, Food Labeling, Women's Reproductive Rights, etc. This group is very active and their meetings are open to the public.

The topic last night was Human Trafficking.

PressPause Chair Sharon Braner and Financial Coordinator Laura Francis met with the leadership of the group for dinner before the meeting and then visited with the 20 folks gathered at the Bartlesville Public Library for the presentation. The 40 minute PowerPoint Human Trafficking presentation raised awareness and sparked discussion in the group. Information was given as how to be involved in fighting this crime, how to address pornography in our churches, and how to warn young boys and girls of danger. One woman shared the story of her 15 yr. old stepdaughter that went missing years ago and was never heard from again.  Two high school senior girls shared their desire to join the movement to combat Human Trafficking and their educational goals to pursue degrees in this area.
Another woman left making plans to organize a "pornography" seminar at her church.

The meeting was promoted in the local newspapers and several attended because of their interest in the topic.

The bondage of sin experienced by all mankind was compared with the bondage of being held by force, fraud and coercion. The group was encouraged to take the message of freedom offered by God into their communities.  Four Stonecroft "A Gift for You" booklets defining salvation and life with Christ were voluntarily picked up and taken home.

PressPause exists to take Stonecroft Speakers into the marketplace. We are thankful for the opportunity to speak to folks that would normally not attend the traditional Stonecroft events.

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